EnergyFest is one of the main partners of StartupFest Europe, a programme set up in 2016, aiming to help newly established entrepreneurial companies grow faster by organising a week-long series of events in the Netherlands around specific themes, bringing together company founders, venture capitalists, business leaders and corporate strategists.

EnergyFest is made possible by several corporate partners, consisting of venture-capital investors, start-up accelerators, business consultancies, cloud and IT software and innovative energy and automotive companies.

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“We aim to foster entrepreneurship and innovation to solve some of the most important challenges our world is facing: meet the global increasing energy demand with less CO2.”

pwc energy startup

"We are delighted to be a partner at EnergyFest to support start-ups and scale-ups, to innovate the industry, and share our knowledge."

Set Ventures

"As an investor in the energy transition space, Energy Fest is a great opportunity to connect with innovative ventures, other investors in this sector and corporates.”

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Deloitte consulting service

“The energy sector is facing some enormous challenges around complexity, costs and transition. We want to support the development of the required eco-system to address these by developing the innovators of the future”

Agile accelerator eon

"We are on a mission to support energy innovators of the future and build bridges between corporates, investors and startups."

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