EnergyFest host

Joshua Baer

Joshua Baer, Executive Director Capital Factory

Joshua Baer, your host of the day, helps people quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs. He’s the founder of Capital Factory, a co-working community and accelerator designed to help startups find their first investors, customers and employees. Josh founded his first startup in 1996 in his college dormitory at Carnegie Mellon University and now teaches a class at the University of Texas for student entrepreneurs.

Keynote speakers

Mark Gainsborough

Mark Gainsborough, Shell Executive Vice President New Energies

Presently EVP New Energies, Mark has held a wide range of sales, marketing, supply, trading, strategy and business development roles. He has developed Shell’s future fuels strategy and made some of Shell’s first investments in advanced biofuels technology. Mark has worked extensively on a range of environmental and sustainability issues and has completed an MSc in Environmental Policy.

Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz, Senior Vice President Strategic Planning Salesforce

Peter Schwartz is an internationally renowned futurist, innovator, author, and co-founder of the Global Business Network (GBN), a corporate strategy firm, specializing in future-think and scenario planning. Peter currently acts as the Senior Vice President Strategic Planning for Salesforce.

Matthias Klietz

Matthias Klietz, Head of Research Powertrain BMW

Matthias Klietz has 26 years of experience in powertrain, engine development and engine design and currently acts as the Vice President of Research Powertrain at BMW Group. With his extensive knowledge about future fuels, Matthias will share his views on the latest mobility trends, technologies to look out for and what the future might hold for us.

Wolfgang warnecke

Dr. Wolfgang Warnecke, Shell Chief Scientist Mobility

Hamburg-based Dr. Wolfgang Warnecke was appointed Chief Scientist of Mobility for Shell in May 2011. Wolfgang’s expertise in all forms of mobility, vehicle technology, fuels and lubricants sees him advising on technology strategy, championing science, R&D and innovation, enhancing Shell’s technical reputation in the fast-changing area of mobility and looking ahead to future solutions in transportation.

In a 30-year career with Shell, Wolfgang’s expertise has earned him extensive recognition across the automotive industry as well as by academia. He has made close to 100 publications, and enjoys a wide global network across the global automotive industry, including the motorsport industry.


Rene Savelsberg

Rene Savelsberg, Managing Partner SET Ventures

Since 2007 Rene Savelsberg is Managing Partner at SET Ventures, managing close to EUR 100M in two funds that exclusively focus on the transition in energy sector. The priority is to invest in European technology companies that have novel business models based on ‘smart energy solutions’ thus impacting the way we generate, distribute/store and use energy.

Tommie van der Bosch

Tommie van der Bosch, Co-founder PwC Blockchain Experience Lab

Tommie van der Bosch is the co-founder of PwC Amsterdam’s Blockchain Experience Lab and helps other parties to discover the real impact and full potential of Blockchain on their industry. Tommie has extensive experience in the financial advisory services sector, helping organizations bridge the gap between Strategy & Execution. He strongly believes that innovation and emerging technologies are essential in this process of transformation.


Break it up

Business models and tech dominating decentralised power

Felix Dembski

Felix Dembski, Vice President Strategy Sonnen GmbH

Felix Dembski is the Vice President Strategy at sonnen, the leading manufacturer of networked home storage systems. Sonnen’s products allow customers to generate, store and share their own electricity. A lawyer by training he received his education in Berlin, London and San Francisco. He specializes in Energy, IT and Network Regulation. Prior to joining sonnen was the Head of Smart Grids and Energy at Bitkom, the German Digital Industry Association for four years.

Frank Phuan

Frank Phuan, Founder & Director, Sunseap

Frank has over 20 years of experience in the solar industry, and possesses an Honour’s Degree in Applied Science in Materials Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Prior to setting up the company, Frank spent time in his family business, manufacturing solar panels and learning the ins and outs of the business. An experienced entrepreneur, Frank also spent time delving into advertising, IT and F&B. Frank is also a member on the NTU College of Engineering Advisory Board.

Jan Palasinski

Jan Palasinski (Investment Principal, E.ON Innovation Scouting & Co-Investments)

Jan Palasinski is the investment principal at E.ON Innovation Scouting & Co-investments. Prior to joining E.ON, Jan worked at Innogy Venture Capital where he gained a significant experience as venture investor, startups mentor and board member. Before falling in love with startups, Jan worked for two investment banks, managing the banks’ coordination role in financing several renewable energy projects in Italy. Jan holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and Management of Public Utilities from Milan’s Bocconi University and a B.A. in History from Roma Tre University.”

Rene Kerkmeester

Rene Kerkmeester, Digital Transformation Lead Tennet

Rene Kerkmeester is currently designing and implementing the corporate Digital Transformation Programme for TenneT in Germany and the Netherlands. Previously, Rene was CEO at APX and Director at BritNed Development Ltd, a JV between National Grid and TenneT. Key topics of his expertise include Energy Wholesale markets, European Market Integration, High Voltage DC Interconnectors, Energy Transition and Digital Transformation.

Pick me up

The end of parking

Alexei Andreev

Eliron Ekstein (Co-founder, FarePilot)

Eliron Ekstein is the co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of, a Shell-backed digital venture creating a transport supply and demand data model helping drivers (and autonomous cars) become more efficient. Previously, Eliron has co-founded Shell’s Digital Ventures unit developing businesses across the space of digital energy and transport services. Prior to this Eliron held a Project Lead role within the Group central consulting team, and worked externally for the Boston Consulting Group, ICL Group in corporate economics, energy and climate change roles. Eliron lives in London and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from London Business School.

Joep Arends

Joep Arends, Senior Innovation Manager Deloitte, Co-founder Tailoride

Joep Arends has a decade of experience with innovation at Deloitte. Deloitte Innovation Growth Services focuses on initiating & implementing innovative programs for its clients. Tailoride’s mission is to make trip planning easy by working on a personal travel assistant that can think for you and make any trip effortless.

Mark Bras

Marc Bras, Manager BMWi at BMW Group Nederland

Mark Bras oversees creative teams leading change and innovation. The first worldwide online store for BMW Group, the first European Future Retail BMW Dealership outlet, pioneering customer reviews online and visionary partnerships on car sharing and real estate showcasing Timmerhuis are only a few results of such great teamwork. Driving premium car manufacturing into provision of premium e-mobility is his latest project.

Michael Loehr

Michael Loehr, CEO and Founder of tiramizoo GmbH

Michael has a decade of experience in the high-tech industry working on automotive fuel cell technologies, holding positions as Senior Engineer and Team Leader in R&D and Product Development at Ballard Power Systems Inc. He also worked for E4tech focusing on strategic consulting in new energy technology industries. Michael is currently the CEO of tiramizoo, a web company operating the world's first booking portal for same-day couriers.

Level up!

Inside a disruptor's mind

Arij van Berkel

Arij van Berkel, Research Director Lux Research Inc

Arij van Berkel joined Lux in 2015 and oversees Intelligent Buildings Intelligence and Sustainable Building Materials Intelligence. His team provide insights for the construction sector ranging from smart cities to new insulation and construction materials. Previously, Arij worked for Shell and TNO, conducted research on a variety of topics including process safety, food preservation, emission reduction and biomass conversion.

Richard Beake

Richard Beake, Business Development Advisor, General Fusion

Richard is a civil engineer who, since 2002, has been intimately involved in the UK nuclear sector. He has held several roles within the industry, most notably as a mobilisation manager for the creation of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Business Development Manager for Bechtel. In 2015/2016 he was Project Director for the Techno-Economic Assessment of SMR conducted for the UK department of Energy and Climate Change. Since April 2017 he has been advising General Fusion on potential opportunities in the UK.

Steven Nelemans

Steven Nelemans, Founder and CEO, Amber

Amber’s vision is to bring about freedom of mobility far beyond car ownership. The intelligent mobility platform can predict when and where you’ll need a car, and by mid-2018, the aim is to have them drive themselves right to you. In the meantime, Amber is building the Amber One – a modular, autonomous, and customizable electric car – the first car in the world designed specifically to be shared.

Tim Houter

Tim Houter, Co-founder and CEO Hard Global Mobility

Tim is an Engineer by heart with a background in Mechanical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. He is currently the CEO of Hardt Hyperloop, the first European company developing and realizing the hyperloop. Previously Tim was the team captain of the Delft Hyperloop team which won the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. His company closed its seed investment with the Dutch Railways and UNIIQ to further pursue his dream: creating a world where distance does not matter.